Fun Things to Do While Staying in Puyallup, WA Within 45 Minutes Drive

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If you're looking for a few fun things to do, here are a few suggestions:


- Drive 45 minutes to Snoqualmie Falls, hike their easy to moderate trail to the river's edge promenade at bottom or the scenic platform from up top. Dine at the Salish Lodge and tool around the small town. Probably about a 5 - 6 hour day. 


- Drive 45 minutes to Downtown Seattle. Hop on an Argosy Cruise - a great way to get on the water and see Seattle's skyline or the lakes. The Locks cruise is unique because you transition from salt to fresh water via an elevator. You get both the skyline plus Lake Union - where they filmed Sleepless in Seattle. Afterward dine at our favorite steak house Daniel's Broiler. Fine dining: Of course, if you haven't been, check out Space Needle, Pike's Market. At night, there is a glass garden by Dale Chihuly that is quite remarkable. Stop off and get gelato at and walk around the waterfront. And, for a fun way to see Washington you can do a virtual experience at Wings Over Washington on the Waterfront. Make sure to drink lots of coffee for this day, because it’s an all day experience!


- Drive 30 minutes to one of our favorite things to do : Ferry to Vashon Island. Ferry Schedule here: 15 minute Ferry Ride (with car). A fun, unique experience is visiting the llama farm Call Kelly in advance and book a visit. Tour some wineries:  Visit the lighthouse And take in one of their great local restaurants and shop at their browse through their local downtown shops. Hardware Store and the Casa Bonita Mexican Restaurant and May Thai are a few of our favorites. Palouse and Vashon Winery are a few winery favorites. Could be 5-6+ hours!


Gig Harbor - We love being near the water or better yet, on the water. Gig Harbor is a great place to do both! Hop on a kayak or rent a Duffy boat and tour the Gig Harbor bay and marina. It’s quite the happening spot on warm sunny evenings. You can stop dockside and order food and drinks or go into the many waterfront restaurants. Kayaks can be rented from Anthony’s or Duffy’s and kayaks can be rented at Gig Harbor Boat Rentals : You will want to reserve your spot far in advance as Duffy rentals can book up for summer. 

  • 30 minutes drive.

Photo credit: Lisa Klinkhammer


Tacoma - Tacoma has had a Renaissance in the last few decades. While sister site to Seattle, it has it’s own beauty and charm. Least of which is the popular destination Point Ruston and Ruston Parkway. There you can walk along the sound trail, take in the sites of the views, hike in the trails, explore the Rose Gardens, experience the Zoo, have fun at the myriad festivals and events (Taste of Tacoma) and / or just explore the historic housing. Ruston Parkway is waterfront and has a water park, boutique shops and great restaurants / cafes / ice cream. There are many wonderful waterfront restaurants to explore: Duke’s, Harbor Lights, Anthony’s and Wild Fin. My husband loves Stack 571 Burgers. Other great (favs) Tacoma restaurants are: Over the Moon Cafe, The Table, El Gaucho, Asados, Matador, and Indochine. 

  • 30 minutes drive

Photo credit: Lisa Klinkhammer


If you don’t have a lot of time here in the area, this is just a small list of the things there are to do here. I hope, whatever you chose to do, you make incredible memories! Let me know if you have any questions.