9 Best Restaurants in Puyallup, WA

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My husband and I eat out regularly because we have demanding careers. Having the experience of eating out often kind of makes us feel like restaurant critics! (Joking, not joking lol) Since purchasing the Cottage, we have really enjoyed getting to know the restaurant scene in Downtown and surrounding Puyallup, WA. The one thing we have noticed is the local, owner operated nature of Puyallup eateries. We love local! We ask a lot of questions and the one thing we hear often is that many things are made in house. My husband was in the food industry for 25 years so he knows how most restaurants operate. While we haven’t tried every restaurant there is, here are the ones we have tried and enjoyed:

  1. Farm 12 - Modern rustic farm environment with garage doors that provide indoor/outdoor seating, vintage lights strewn about, fire pit, and a bustling clientele make this one of the hottest restaurants that make people wait for an hour to eat here. The menu is limited but all good food. But better than their food is their heart. 100% of their profits are donated to their sister (onsite) organization - Step by Step that helps at-risk mothers get on their feet and get set up for raising their children. We love their mission and their food! Make sure to read about the history of Farm 12, it will have you reaching for a tissue. (Did I mention their pastries? OMG, all made onsite and fresh daily! Each guest gets fresh pastries from Farm 12 as a part of their welcoming!) (Casual - Brunch on weekends (busy!), lunch and dinner)
  2. Georgio’s Greek - This is one of our go-to staples. The flavors are mouth watering. Very authentic Greek food. Hummus plate (made onsite fresh) and Mousaka are incredible. Chicken Souvlaki sandwich is so delicious. Fresh ingredients. We’ve never had a bad meal here. Always busy. They have indoor and outdoor seating. (Casual - Lunch and dinner)
  3. Sorci’s Italian - Another one of our go-to staple restaurants that never disappoints. We love Sorci’s because of their great food, but also because their darling cafe reminds of the small cafes in Italy. Rustic brick walls and the sounds of Italy can be heard here. Indoor and outdoor seating. Covered patio with heaters and vintage string lights make it very cozy. Their pizzas are thin authentic and delicious, their cheese board is delightful, their piccata and marsala chicken dishes are bursting with fresh flavors! Do not hesitate to come a little early to the quaint town of Sumner (just 10 minutes outside of Downtown Puyallup) and visit their cute rustic downtown that is full of great local shops - all close at 5 p.m.! (Casual - Lunch and dinner)
  4. HG Bistro - This one we just found recently. It has a long history in the community and while there we asked to meet the chef.  Chef Ariel is very friendly and describes their philosophy of making everything from scratch and buying local when possible. More along the lines of a more upscale restaurant you would find in Tacoma or Seattle, this one is nestled into an unassuming location on Main St in Puyallup. Their menu rotates and offers a variety of incredible dishes that are a fusion of different cultures. Dress up or be casual, this place is sure to delight your palette. (Dinner, closed Sun and Mon)
  5. Wicked Pie - If we want pizza, Wicked Pie is our go-to pizza place. Only a few minutes away, but pizza made just the way pizza should be made. From a long line of Italian artisans that make the sauce slowly and dough fresh daily. Crust is just the right size and crispy crust, not too many toppings that overwhelm. Perfectly balanced and unique pizza offerings. Great salads and other sides as well. The authentic pizza experience. (Casual - Lunch and dinner)
  6. Crocketts - Featured on Diners, Drive-in and Dives in early 2011 when they first opened, their motto is “nothing fancy, just good food.” That about sums up this American fare dining experience in their historic building with brick interior and exposed beams. It’s upscale bar food with a twist here and there. Fresh, quality ingredients, made daily. Definitely check it out. (Casual - Breakfast Sat/Sun, Lunch and Dinner)
  7. British Bites - I call this place the best kept secret in Puyallup. This unique cafe is owned by a Brit expat and his American wife. They have a tea room for high tea, a British goods grocery for shopping and a bistro for a limited but delicious dine in or take out experience. Since my first time stumbling upon this place, I can’t stop going back. Everything is made from scratch by this amazing British chef. Their chicken and mushroom pasty with the light, flakey croissant pie exterior and the delectable and creamy filling will make you have a ratatouille moment. Don’t miss their potato leek soup paired with the warm and absolutely perfect cheese scone. Scones are difficult to do a easy to overtake and dry out. These favorites are my bliss! And, not to be missed are their actual pastries. Shortbreads and knickers. OMG. To ... die ... for. (Casual, Lunch with limited hours 12-4 or 12-3 on Sundays)
  8. Sweet and Savory - This little place caught my eye while strolling downtown. Their A board said hand crafted sandwiches, crepes and soups. You had me at handmade. The owner Karen greets guests with a warm, friendly smile. She is the owner operator of this great little spot to grab fresh yummies. We’ve had the crepes, salads and you can hear them blending the tomato soup while you wait! Chicken mushroom crepe is making my mouth water as I write this! (Casual, Lunch with limited hours 11-3 - closed on Sundays)
  9. Bourbon Street Grille -  This is one of my husband’s comfort places. Steeped in southern cooking, if you like Cajun and creole (think Gumbo), with craft cocktails and music, then this is your place! (Casual, Lunch and Dinner 12-8/9)

Since the restaurant scene here is pretty busy, make sure you plan ahead. Most, if not all, offer take out options, some offer delivery through apps and some may require that you make a reservation. Some don’t allow reservations, but call ahead and support local! It’s hard to run a successful restaurant, we fully appreciate the ones that do! 


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