10 Things I Love About Puyallup WA

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Having lived in the South Puget Sound area since 2007. I worked from home and was raising kids and never really got to explore the numerous towns around the area until we got into real estate. We had sold homes before in the suburbs of Puyallup and had done some errands in/around town, but never had we quite experienced all it had to offer. After purchasing the Cottage, we discovered and fell in love with Downtown and surrounding Puyallup and it’s culture. Named after the Puyallup Tribe, Puyallup means "the generous people." Very aptly named, here are 10 reasons why I love Puyallup:

  1. It feels like old town USA. A bygone era. Historic downtown Puyallupis full of old buildings and unique shops. There is an Antique District, which is fun to take in on a Saturday or Sunday! Pioneer Park in the middle of the city serves as a gathering space from which people can have picnics and enjoy their community. 
  2. The people are friendly (and generous as the name connotates). I moved here from California and in my experience, I found people in Washington to be generally more friendly than in California, but Puyallup takes it to another level. 
  3. All the excellent independent and owner operated restaurants! We love to eat out and have really enjoyed getting to know the restaurant scene in Puyallup. Check out our top choices on our Puyallup Restaurant Blog article. 
  4. How natural and organic the vibe seems to be. The area is known for farming for flowers (tulips and daffodils) after the main crop of hops was killed off. Every spring they have the Daffodil parade. After having spent more time in the community, there is an undercurrent of a wellness community here. Just a short 10 minutes walk from the Cottage and you can experience IV Therapy, Prana Yoga, Juiced Smoothies, chiropractor, massage. There is a floating facility, Cross Fit. 
  5. The Farmer’s Market is one of the largest vibrant markets in Washington! Saturdays 9-2 from April 16 to October 8, 2022 at Pioneer Park in the center of downtown.
  6. Being close to the Puyallup Fairgrounds means there is always some kind of event going on. Concerts, fairs, car and home shows. The State Fair has been happening every year since 1900 except for during World War II. 
  7. It’s hard to escape the awe inspiring, grand views of Mount Rainier from Puyallup! 
  8. Puyallup is deceptively centralized. It is within 20-40 minutes to Seattle and Tacoma and Olympia. And 1.5 hours to epic hiking, skiing and many other natural attractions like Snoqualmie Falls. Check out our top Things to Do Within 2 Hours of Puyallup. 
  9. The Puyallup River is a wonderful feature of Puyallup providing beauty, ecological significance and abundance of food (fish) and entertainment (fish, birds and other wildlife)! Puyallup tribal folklore says that the there was a “great flood and when the water receded that two black whales were stuck in a lake on Mount Rainier (Takopid). The whales were lonely and missed their people. They swam right through the mountain, plowing their way to the Puget Sound. The channel they dug became the Puyallup River.” Excerpt from LeschiSchools.org. Enjoy the river up close by exploring the 5 mile long Riverwalk Trail. You can hop on the trail by walking a few minutes from the Cottage! 
  10. If you love nature, you can obviously walk along the river or visit the myriad of farms, but you can also visit the Northwest Trek for a more intentional interaction with furry creatures. Or take in the Puyallup Fish Hatchery to see how our rivers are sustained through hatching and releasing fish. 

If you’re visiting the area or are looking for a local getaway/staycation, Puyallup and the Cozy Cottage on the River offers a place from which you can explore and restore. Check out the Cottage's availability to book your waterfront retreat today!